Comune di Corinaldo
La Valle Dorata


Ancient colour of the time
Comune di Mondavio
La Valle Dorata


A charm that dates back to Reinaissance
Comune di Pergola
La Valle Dorata


Keeper of gilded bronze statues and exquisite white truffle


La Valle Dorata
HOTEL "AL CASOLARE" in Corinaldo
Small and rustic Hotel 15 km from Senigallia tallway, exit A14, close to both sea and hills.
La Valle Dorata
FOOD & WINE all year in Corinaldo
Osteria de Scuretto is located in the historic centre of Corinaldo, along the route of the 100 stairs, near Pozzo della Polenta and the birthplace of the legendary ironic Scuretto, from which it takes its name. The Osteria is a point of food and wine sale and tasting of the highest quality craftsmanship and predominantly local production.
La Valle Dorata
Family-owned farmstay, started in 2012 after the restoration of an antique rural building owned by a 17th-century family. Our building has caves dating back to 1661 in which it is possible to enjoy a rustic buffet. Immersed in green with around 6 hectares of land, the farmstay is situated in a dominant position with a view over the city of Pergola (2km away) and a good part of the Val Cesano valley, offering always new and relaxing scenery and sunsets.
La Valle Dorata
We are a farmstay located in the province of Pesaro and Urbino, near Pergola. We are an Organic Farmstay certified in 1996 with ample green spaces and camping areas equipped also for campervans. We use our organic products for the preparation of delicious dishes.
La Valle Dorata
"House Ginevri", a cozy inn is set between the hills of the town of Mondavio (PU). The location between the Apennines and the Adriatic Sea makes the hotel an ideal place for any type of vacation or tasty culinary stop (only on request). House Ginevri is an example of sustainable and responsible tourism in ecological and social key. The structure does in fact use of renewable energy and adopt a wetland system that allows you to minimize wastage of drinking water.
La Valle Dorata
FIXED PRICE MENU at Farmstay "Il Casale"
Farmstay “Il Casale” proposes a classic farmstay experience to those who want to lodge near Urbino and Pesaro at reasonable prices.
La Valle Dorata
CASALE DEL VECCHIO MORO - Holiday House in Corinaldo
Immersed in the Le Marche countryside, a HOLIDAY HOUSE available to guests, with 2000sqm of enclosed garden, renovated in respect of its atmosphere, characterised by a dark grove.

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